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What’s Your Favorite Teaching Tool?

Although it is mid-July, many teachers are starting to think about heading back to school. Today, I met up with a teacher friend who is already getting her room set up. Yikes! That makes me feel like I am falling behind. I thought we were supposed to be on vacation for a few more weeks. As I start planning for the new year, I am thinking of some of my favorite “must have” tools for back to school. At the top of my list is a pliers style stapler.

Pliers Style Stapler
Pliers Stapler
The pliers style stapler is a funny looking stapler that I have found to be very durable. For many years,  before teaching, I worked for a company that processed a lot of papers that had to be manually stapled. They used this type of stapler. It is easier to grip and your hand doesn’t seem to get so tired if you have to staple many sets of papers. The stapling feature on our school copiers is constantly broken, so this stapler is a great help. Also, it is nearly indestructible. I’ve seen it take a lot of abuse and it just keeps on working without jamming. The only drawback is it doesn’t open up like a traditional stapler, so you can not use it to staple on the wall. 
What is your favorite tool for the classroom? Please share your ideas.

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