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Getting Organized – Calendar Cards

One of my goals this summer was to organize and prepare my calendar pieces in advance. In the past, I often waited until the last minute and frantically searched for them the night before I needed them. I want to be more organized this year.

I like to use calendar cards that can simply be printed at home. This year, I decided to make my own calendar cards so they can be tailored to exactly my style. After I started making them, I realized that others might like them, too. So I put them together as product packets. So far, I have four sets completed. They are available in my store. Click here for calendar cards.
Apples: Great for back to school.

Apple Calendar CardsApple Calendar Cards

Autumn Leaves: I love these colorful leaves.

Autumn Leaves Calendar CardsAutumn Leaves Calendar Cards

Patriotic Stars: These could be used all year.

Patriotic Stars Calendar CardsPatriotic Stars Calendar Cards

Cupcakes: These are just plain fun. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?
Cupcakes Calendar CardsCupcakes Calendar Cards

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