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Summer Writing Prompts

Summer Writing Prompts

While many teachers and students are on vacation, there are quite a few that are involved in summer school or have year-round-calendars. Here is a list of beach themed writing prompts for summer. The list includes topics about summer, the beach, sailboats, seashells, and more.

Summer Writing Prompts Plus a Freebie

Be sure to look for the free writing papers at the bottom of this post.

Summer Writing Prompts

1. Invent a new game using a beach ball.

2. Tell about a fun day at the beach.

3. Describe your dream sandcastle. What would it look like? How big would it be? How would you build it?

4. What are your plans for summer vacation?

5. What is on your summer bucket list?

6. Which animals live in seashells?

7. What is your favorite beach activity?

8. What is your favorite summer memory?

Summer Writing Prompts - Sailboat

9. If you could sail away on a boat, where would you go?

10. Describe the ocean, but don’t use the words wet or water.

11. Describe a hot summer day, but don’t use the words hot or summer.

12. Write a conversation between two people stranded on an island.

Summer Writing Prompts_shell

13. Imagine you found a magical seashell that allows you to travel to other worlds.

14. Write a journey from the point of view of the sailboat.

15. You are the captain of a boat. Where are you going? Who is your crew? What adventures will you have?

Ocean Themed Writing Paper

I created this free set of ocean themed papers to accent your students’ writing. Somehow, having fun papers to write on seems to make writing more exciting.

There are 10 different lined pages all featuring cute ocean graphics. They are perfect to use for summer writing or with a sea life unit.

Ocean themed writing paper set

Download this FREE Set of Ocean Themed Writing Papers

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Summer Writing Prompts


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