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Fun Summer Math Activities

Counting to Ten Clip Cards - Summer Beach Theme 02

Summer Math

Get ready for warmer weather with these fun summer math activities!

Summer Counting to Ten Clip Cards

These clip cards feature fun summer pictures with 1-10 items. Students choose a card, count the items, and clip the matching number.

Besides boosting number sense, these clip cards help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Counting to Ten Clip Cards - Summer Beach Theme 02

Get this Summer Counting to Ten Clip Card Set.

Summer Ten Frame Counting Mats

Counting mats are so versatile! They are perfect for math centers, morning work, or small groups. 

On each counting mat, the number is presented in numeral, word, number line, fingers, pictures, and a ten frame. Students trace, read, count, and make the number. 

Use dry erase markers, play dough, math cubes, or other small manipulatives.

Ten Frame Counting Mats - Summer Crabs 01

Get this Summer Crabs Ten Frame Counting Mats Activity.


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