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Winter Math Activities

Number Cards 1-20 - Winter

Fun Ideas for Your Winter Math Centers

Looking for some fresh ideas to add a little fun to your winter math centers? Your students will enjoy exploring math concepts and solving problems with these winter activities.

Measuring Length Activity Cards

Students get hands on practice measuring length with this set of 12 measurement cards. Use regular rulers for working with inches or centimeters. You can also use non-standard measures with small manipulatives such as erasers, paperclips, counting bears, or snapping cubes. A set of printable non-standard rulers with snowflakes is included.

Winter Measuring Length Activity

Find this Winter Measuring Length Activity here.

Count with Snowmen Clip Cards

Build number sense with these fun winter snowman clip cards. There are four card sets, each targeting a different skill. Students count snowmen, use ten frames, sequence numbers, and read number words.

Winter Snowmen Clip Cards for Numbers 1 to 20

Find this Snowman Numbers 1-20 Clip Card Set here.

Winter Counting Coins

Practice counting coins with winter themed activity pages. They are designed for students comfortable counting with ones, fives, or tens. Therefore, only pennies, nickels, and dimes are included. Students focus on 3 different coin counting skills: Count the coins shown and determine the value. Color the coins needed to make the total shown. Draw coins to represent the given value.

Find this Winter Counting Coins pack here.


Students first practice counting to 10 with snowball ten frames. They write their answers on a recording sheet. When your students are ready, they count how many more are needed to make ten.

Ten Frame Task Cards - Winter - Counting

Find this Snowball Ten Frame Card Set here.


These versatile winter themed cards are perfect for building number sense. Numbers 1-20 are shown in five different formats – digits, words, ten frames, tally marks, and pictures. Use the number cards to practice identifying numbers, matching pairs, ordering numbers, and more.

Number Cards 1-20 - Winter

Find this set of Winter Number Sense Cards here.


Which one doesn’t belong? These snowman shape cards are a fun way to practice identifying shapes. Students look at each snowman shape and find the one that is different. Use a clothespin to clip the answer or cover the answers with math cubes, mini erasers, or other small manipulatives. You could also laminate the cards and mark the answers with a dry erase marker.


Find this Snowman Shapes Card Set here.


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