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Building Critical Thinking Skills

Building Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking or logical reasoning is an invaluable skill that students use throughout their lives. Class time is limited, so critical thinking lessons may get pushed aside with the need to prepare for standardized testing. However, this can be short-sighted.

Critical thinking skills will help students perform better on those big tests as well as help them in daily life. I try to provide frequent opportunities for students to improve their reasoning skills.

Building Critical Thinking Skills

Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are one of my favorite ways to improve critical thinking skills. Students read the clues, then use the grid to solve the puzzle.

The puzzles include brain teaser problems such as determining which pet each kid brought to show and tell, who is wearing which costume at a party, or which flavor of pie each person ordered.

The grid shows pairs that go together. For example, kings and the colors of their crowns.

Students place an “X” in any box where the pair does not go together. They put an “O” in boxes with a match.

Through analyzing clues and using the process of elimination, students can determine the solution to the puzzle.

Each logic puzzle set contains 5 different puzzles. They are just the right level to use with middle to upper elementary grades.

Available Logic Puzzle Sets

Building Critical Thinking Skills

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