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Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities

Valentine Math and Literacy Activities
Valentine Math and Literacy Activities

Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Add some of these sweet Valentine’s Day activities to your math or literacy centers this February. Students have fun practicing important math and reading skills with these engaging activities featuring chocolates, flowers, candy, teddy bears, hears, and more!

Valentine’s Day Write the Room (It’s Editable!)

Post the word cards around the room. Students begin searching for the cards with fun Valentine’s Day pictures. When they find a card, they look for the matching picture and write the word on their recording sheet. Continue the activity with one of the included extension pages for writing sentences using the words or sorting the words by the number of letters. The word list is editable, so you can create your own custom list.

Valentine’s Day Sentence Scrambles

These Valentine sentences are all mixed up! Students arrange the word cards to create a sentence. They then write each sentence on the included recording sheet. Use the cut and paste pages for a no prep activity students can do independently or take home.

Valentine’s Day Hidden Words
(It’s Editable!)

Grab a magnifying glass and search for the tiny words hidden inside these fun Valentine’s Day pictures. There are two different kinds of pages in this activity. Students either record their words and write a sentence, or they use a chart to create a word graph.

Valentine’s Day Measuring Length Activity

Students practice measuring length with these cards featuring fun Valentine’s Day pictures. Use standard or non-standard measures such as paper clips, erasers, snapping cubes, etc. The set includes recording sheets and an extension activity.

Valentine’s Day Number Clip Cards

Build number sense with these fun Valentine’s Day clip cards. Students practice counting numbers 1 to 20 using pictures, ten frames, number words, and sequencing numbers. Just add clothespins and they are ready for your Valentine’s Day math centers.

Valentine’s Day Read and Cover Sight Words (It’s Editable!)

Choose a card and read the word. Look for the circle with the matching word and cover it up. Students can play on their own or with a partner. The word list is editable, so you can use the included sight words or any word list your students are studying. There are four different word mats with a fun Valentine’s Day theme.


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