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Valentine Number Cards 1-20

This Valentine’s Day Number Card set is a fun and engaging way for students to develop number sense for numbers 1-20. Students practice counting, reading numbers, using ten frames, using tally marks, and reading numbers words. Each number 1-20 is represented in 5 different formats.


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Ways to Use:

These Valentine number cards are versatile. They can be used as the foundation of many different math activities. Use them in math centers, small groups, or independent work.


Just a few ideas:

  • Find and match all the numbers in each different format.
  • Place the cards face down, then take turns finding matching pairs.
  • Place the cards in number order.
  • Choose a card and tell what number comes next.
  • Choose a card and practice writing the number.
  • Choose a card and build that number using blocks or math cubes.

More suggestions included in the directions.


What is included:

⭐ 20 Counting Pictures Cards

⭐ 20 Number Cards

⭐ 20 Ten Frame Cards

⭐ 20 Tally Mark Cards

⭐ 20 Number Word Cards

⭐ Teacher Directions and Tips

⭐ Color and BW


Grade Levels:

PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade students who are working with counting, reading, and representing numbers 1-20.


Target Skills:

✔️ Count objects to 20.

✔️ Recognize and name numbers to 20.

✔️ Use ten frames to represent numbers to 20.

✔️ Use tally marks to represent numbers to 20.

✔️ Read number words to 20.


Prep Time:

This is a low-prep activity. You can simply print, cut apart the cards, and go. Use cardstock and laminate for durability.

Cover - Valentine Number CardsValentine Number Cards 1-20