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Sparkling Corn Craft

Sparkling Corn Craft
What is better than corn on the cob? Sparkling Corn!! My 6-year-old daughter helped me create this fun corn craft project.
We started with yellow and green paper and a few packs of sequins in gold, orange, and green colors. We also used scissors and glue.  You can download a free printable craft pattern for the corn and the husks. Simply print and trace. Then you’ll be ready to go!
Sparkling Corn Craft
We arranged the paper pieces to make a corn cob with husks. When we liked the arrangement, we glued it down.

Sparkling Corn Craft

After arranging and gluing the corn together, it was time to add some sparkle. We used gold and orange sequins for the ear of corn and green on the husks.



This was the finished project.


Sparkling Corn Craft

After completing our main craft project, we decided to see what else we could do with the same basic pattern. My daughter used marker to draw lines that form the individual pieces of corn. It is hard to see, but she shaded in some of the squares with white crayon. We added a couple wiggly eyes and a green pipe cleaner mouth to form a happy face. Who doesn’t love happy corn?


Happy Corn Cob Craft
Next, we got adventurous and broke out the paints. My daughter dipped her fingers in the paints and decorated the corn with her fingerprints.
Corn with Fingerprint Painting
Here is another one painted with cotton swabs.
This sparkling corn craft project would work well in preschool and primary grades. It is a quick and fun project that is perfect for fall harvest time. Picking up and arranging the sequins is wonderful for developing fine motor skills. They would also look great on a bulletin board.
***Download the free printable pattern for the corn and husks.***
Happy Crafting!

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