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Square Pumpkin Craft

Square Pumpkin Craft

October is coming soon. I see pumpkins in the stores and the Halloween aisles are stocked with costumes, decorations, and other fun goodies. Here is an easy Pumpkin Craft  using colored paper, wiggly eyes, and a few pipe cleaners. This square shaped pumpkin is easy for young children to create and really stands out on a bulletin board.

Square Pumpkin Craft 05


  • Orange paper cut into a square
  • Small green paper rectangle
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • 1 green pipe cleaner
  • 2 gold pipe cleaners

Square Pumpkin Craft 01

Shape the gold pipe cleaners to form the mouth and nose. I used one whole piece for the mouth and a smaller piece (about 3 inches) for the nose. The nose is a triangle with rounded points. Have fun shaping the pieces in different ways to create various expressions. Next, add the wiggly eyes. I chose to make them slightly uneven for a whimsical look.

Square Pumpkin Craft 02
To create the vine, twist the green pipe cleaner around a pencil or pen. This will form a nice spiral curl.


Square Pumpkin Craft 03

Glue the curled vine piece to the top of the pumpkin right where the stem will go. Flatten out the bottom end so that the green stem will be smooth on top of it.

Square Pumpkin Craft 04

Finally, add the small green rectangle to be the stem. It will cover the bottom of the vine. Shape the curl of the vine so that it twists to the side.

Square Pumpkin Craft 05


Happy Crafting!

Book Idea:
This craft activity pairs well with the book The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin (Amazon Link) by Joe Troiano.

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