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Craft Stick Apple

September is here and school is back in session. Over the weekend, my daughter was looking for something fun to do. She absolutely loves doing crafts of all kinds, so I thought it would be fun to create an apple themed craft.

We gathered the following materials:

  • red and green construction paper
  • 4 medium sized craft sticks
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • 1 small piece of a gold pipe cleaner
  • black marker
  • glue
  • scissorsApple Stick Craft 02


First, we cut the red paper into an uneven oval shape. Then we cut the oval in half.  We added a wavy edge. If you have decorative edge scissors, it would be fun to experiment with different patterns for the edge.

Next, we cut a leaf using the green paper. We added four craft sticks to create the apple core and arranged the pieces as shown. Once we had everything lined up, we began gluing it all together.

Apple Stick Craft 03

We added a small piece of gold sparkly pipe cleaner for a stem and a couple wiggly eyes. We made the stem thicker by folding the pipe cleaner in half and twisting the two ends together.

Finally, we used a black marker to draw seeds on the craft sticks.

Apple Stick Craft 04

This apple craft activity was fun and quick to put together. I think it would look nice on a bulletin board.

Apple Stick Craft 01

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