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How to Integrate More Technology into Your Lessons

Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Are you looking for an engaging way to integrate more technology into your classroom? Has your school gone 1:1? Are you curious about going digital in your classroom? Would you like to try an interactive lesson for Google Drive™? If so, wonderful! I have a free resource for you to try it out. (scroll down)

This week I have been working on creating a new line of activities designed to be used in the digital classroom. They work with the Google Slides™ app. You can access this app when you set up a free Google™ account. Each of your students will also need an account to use these activities. Many schools are using Google Classroom™ to manage student accounts and to make file sharing easier. It is free for schools. If you don’t already have Google Classroom™ at your school, talk with your IT department about setting it up.

Once you have accounts set up for you and your students, the interactive lessons become virtually prep-free. You will download a PDF file that contains a link to the actual activity. You will be asked to create a copy and it will appear on your Google Drive™.  This will become your “Master File”. Make another copy of your “Master File” and share it with your students. Each of your students will need to make their own copies so that they are not making changes to the original file you shared.

Once students have their own copies of the file, they are ready to begin. Students complete the activity using the “edit” mode. This allows them to move objects around and enter information. When they are finished with the activity, they can share the completed file with you.

Why consider using interactive lessons for Google Drive™ ?

Ten reasons to go digital in your classroom:

  1. No paper required
  2. No ink needed
  3. Save time – no trips to the copier
  4. Option to print if want to display final projects or to accommodate IEP needs
  5. No missing or “no name” papers – student work is automatically saved and you can see who it belongs to
  6. Access anywhere
  7. Use with a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer – anything with access to Google Slides (TM)
  8. Grade online – No piles of paper to carry home
  9. Easy way to add technology to your classroom
  10. Students are engaged

Try a it out with this FREE interactive digital math activity:

Your students can practice number sense with this fun bubble gum interactive math activity. They will  fill in the bubbles with the numbers that are 1 more and 1 less than the number shown. There are also slides for 10 more and 10 less. Click the picture to access this free sample pack.

More and Less Number Sense Activity for Your Digital ClassroomFree Sample Pack for Your Digital Classroom – Click to Download

Also check out these other great digital activities that focus on using function tables. Students practice completing function tables according to the rule. They also practice determining the rule for function tables that are already completed. So far, addition and subtraction sets are available.  I will be adding multiplication and division soon as well. Click on the pictures to learn more.

Function Tables with addition for use with Google Drive

Function Tables - Subtraction for use with Google Drive

Notice: Google, Google Slides, Google Drive, and Google Classroom are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Polliwog Place is not affiliated with Google in any way, and Google does not endorse this product. This educational activities described above are simply made to be used with the Google Slides™ application.

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