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Domino Math Activities for Building Number Sense

Domino Math Activities

Dominoes are a wonderful tool for building number sense in kindergarten and first grade. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite domino math activities.

Domino Math Activities

Domino Math Activities

#1 Domino Count and Add

Place dominoes facing down. Students turn over one domino and count the dots on each side. They then add the two numbers together. This can be done independently or in a small group where students take turns sharing their answers.

#2 Highest Number Wins

This game works well with 2-3 players. Divide the dominoes so that each player has the same number of dominoes. Each player will turn over 1 domino and find the total number of dots on the domino. The player with the highest number of dots wins the round and keeps all the dominoes from that round. Continue rounds until one player has all the dominoes. When there is a tie, each of the players can turn over another domino to break the tie. If time runs out before one player has all the dominoes, the person with the most dominoes wins.

#3 Domino Sorting

Students can sort the dominoes according to the total value of the dots on the domino. You can extend the activity by asking students to record the different combinations that make each value.

#4 Odd or Even

This can be played with groups of 2. Choose 1 person to be “even” and the other will be “odd”. Place the dominoes face down. Players take turns flipping over a domino and finding the total value of the dots. If the value is an even number, the “even” player will get the domino. If the value is odd, the “odd” player will get it. Whoever has the most dominoes when the game stops wins.

#5 Find Number 1 to 10

Students find dominoes with total values from 1 to 10 and place them in sequential order.

#6 Domino Matching

Use a set of numbered cards (or even playing cards) to match the number of dots on the domino to the number on the card.

#7 Domino Add and Cover

This is a great addition activity for independent practice or with a partner. I created a set of free printable pages for this activity. Look for the download link below.

Each Domino Add and Cover page has boxes with numbers 0-12. Students choose a domino and add up the dots. Then they place the domino on the matching number.

Domino Math Activity - add and cover
Domino add and cover math activity pages

Get Your Copy

Download your free printable Domino Add and Cover set by clicking the link below.

Download your free Domino Add and Cover math activity pack

Download this FREE Domino Add & Cover Activity

Low Prep

I’m all about low prep whenever possible! Each of these activities can be used with very little or no prep at all. Just grab your box of dominoes, and you’re ready to go.


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