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Treasure Chest Fillers for Older Kids

Treasure Chest Fillers

Finding treasure chest prizes for 6th graders can be a challenge. Many of the inexpensive toys are geared for younger children. I use a set of coupons for free items such as “Homework Pass” or “Sit at the Teacher’s Desk for a Day”. However, I also use a treasure box with toy prizes. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money trying to fill up the treasure box. This morning, I went searching online for prize box ideas for older kids. I ended up on Amazon and found some cool ideas that are fairly inexpensive. I know my sixth-graders will like them… some even look like so much fun that I would want to play with them!

Here’s my list of Treasure Chest Fillers for Older Kids:

How cute are these scented dessert erasers? I think scented anything is fun. These are from Raymond Geddes. He has is a whole line of scented  erasers, markers, and other stationery products that are perfect for older kids.
Scented Dessert Erasers
Here are some other fun products from Raymond Geddes:
Scented Gel Pens
Scented Bookmarks
Skateboard Erasers(with real rolling wheels)
Scented Highlighter/Pens

These stretchable frogs would be exciting. I always make sure students choose from the prize box at the end of the day, so they can take them home to enjoy and aren’t tempted to play with the toys during class. You wouldn’t want frogs flying around your classroom!

Stretchable Frogs
Light things up with flashing LED rings, finger lights, and glowing bouncy balls. These are just plain fun for kids of any age.
LED Flashing Rings
Glow in the Dark Bouncing Balls

Accessorize with slap bracelets and colorful sunglasses.

Slap Bracelets
80’s Style Sunglasses

Sticky hands are cheap, but tons of fun.

Sticky Hands

Happy treasure hunting!
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