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Math Cube Towers for Building Number Sense


Number Sense

Building number sense is an important part of developing early math skills. This Math Cube Tower activity is a fun way to develop number sense through play.

Math Cube Tower Cards

This a great activity to add to your math centers. All you need are the Math Cube Tower Cards and a set of snapping math cubes.

Students choose a card. Then they use the math cubes to build a tower to show that number. For example, if a student chooses card #7, they will count out 7 math cubes and build a tower that is seven cubes tall.

For numbers greater than ten, they will make two towers. The first tower is made of ten cubes. The second is made of the remaining ones. This helps students see that teen numbers are made of tens and ones.

You can set out cards for numbers 1-10 or just the teen numbers. Or you can use all 20 cards at once.

Cupcake Math Cube Towers 01
Cupcake Math Cube Towers 02

Extend the Learning 

In addition to building math cube towers, you can use these cards for other math activities. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Mix up the cards, then ask students to put them in number order.
  • Count out mini erasers, pom-poms, or other small manipulatives to cover the squares on the cards. 
  • Ask students to tell how many more cubes are needed to make 10 or 20.
  • Ask students to tell what comes next or before.
  • Create a matching puzzle. Cut off the top of the card at the line. One part will show the number. The other part will show the cubes. Ask students to match the number with the cubes.

Cupcake Towers

Give this activity a try in your classroom. Download this FREE set of cupcake themed Math Cube Tower Cards.

This set features fun cupcake clipart your students will love. Print in color or black & white.

Math Cube Towers - Cupcakes FREE Download

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