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Building Sentences and Snowmen (FREEBIE)

Sentence Scramble - Building a Snowman 01

Sentence Scrambles: It’s Time for Some Winter Fun

Bundle up. Grab the hot cocoa. Winter will be here soon. My kids are looking forward to the first snowfall. They have big plans for making snow angels and building snowmen. With this in mind, I created a new snowman themed sentence building activity. Best of all, it’s available for FREE.

Perfect for Lit Centers

Have you tried using sentence scramble cards in your center activities? This is a low-prep and interactive way for students to practice building sentences. Students take a set of word cards and arrange them in order to create a sentence. They use clues such as capital letters and ending punctuation to help determine the first and last cards.  I typically use sentences with 6-7 words. This offers a a bit more of challenge for students that are already comfortable with shorter sentences.

Easy to Keep Organized

I use the same graphic for each card in the sentence. This way, you can mix up all the cards for several different sentences. Students look for matching pictures to choose which words belong in each sentence. After arranging the cards, students then write each sentence on a recording sheet. The recording sheet shows 4 different pictures that coordinate the pictures on the cards.

Cut and Paste Pages

Would you like a NO PREP way to use sentence scrambles? Give the cut and paste pages a try. Simply print and go! The cut and paste pages work great for an independent desk activity or even homework. The mixed-up words are in boxes along the edge of the page. Students cut out the words and arrange them on their paper. Finally, they write the completed sentence at the bottom of the page.

Sentence Scramble Bundle

You can find many more sentence scramble sets in this GROWING BUNDLE. It includes over 85 sentences with a variety of fun themes.

Sentence Scrambles BUNDLE SMJ
Sentence Scrambles GROWING BUNDLE

Download Now for FREE

Click below to download this Sentence Scrambles set. You can use it in your classroom today!

Sentence Scramble - Building a Snowman 01

Download this FREE Snowman Sentence Scrambles Set

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Winter Snowman Sentence Scrambles