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Polar Bear Craft Activity

Polar Bear Craft

Your students will love making this adorable polar bear craft. Use it to go along with a unit on arctic animals. It’s great to hang in the hallways or decorate your winter bulletin board.

Polar Bear Completed Craft

Four Project Options

This polar bear craft is very versatile and easy to differentiate. It comes with four different options to complete the project, including 2 low-prep options.

  • Polar Bear Coloring Page
  • Single Page Craft
  • Trace & Cut Pattern
  • Print & Cut Pieces

Polar Bear Coloring Page

The polar bear coloring page is wonderful for times when you need a fast craft. Simply print and go. 

Students color the polar bear. They can leave it as is, or they can cut and glue it to a piece of paper.

You can also use the cut out polar bear as a page topper to go along with a piece of writing.

Color and Cut Single Page Craft

The polar bear single page craft is a great low-prep option. All the craft pieces fit on one printable page. Some of the pieces are combined, so there are fewer pieces and less cutting.

The bottom corner of the page shows an example of the completed craft.

Students first color and cut out the pieces. They then assemble and glue the pieces in place according to the example.

Trace and Cut Pattern

The polar bear trace and cut pattern is perfect for using with construction paper. Each pattern piece is labeled with the name, color, and number needed. 

Print the pattern pieces onto heavy paper. Then trace each piece onto the construction paper.

You can trace the pieces in advance. (This is a great project to send home with a parent volunteer.)

Depending on your students, you could also use the pattern pieces to make tracers that your students could trace around on their own.

Polar Bear Trace and Cut Pattern Pieces

The polar bear print and cut pieces work for printing directly onto colored paper. The pieces are grouped by color. Look for the color at the top of the page. 

When possible, I included multiple sets of pieces on one page. Cut them apart on the dashed line, and give one set to each student.

Polar Bear Completed Craft

Easy to Follow Directions

You will also find detailed directions along with step-by-step pictures showing how to assemble this polar bear craft.

Find It Here

This polar bear craft activity is available here.

CRAFT Activity - Polar Bear

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