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Sentence Scrambles: Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day Sentence Scrambles activity is a fun and engaging way for students to practice reading and building sentences. Students arrange the words to make a sentence. Each sentence features sight words and themed vocabulary. Sentences are 6-7 words long.


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Total Pages or Slides: 46


Ways to Use:

Use the Valentine’s Day sentence scramble cards in a literacy center or with a small group. Write the sentences on the recording sheet.

The cut and paste activity pages work well for independent work. They can also be sent home for extra practice.


What is included:

⭐ 8 Sentence Scramble Card Sets

  • Makes 8 sentences
  • Cards come in both Color and BW

⭐ 2 Recording Sheets

⭐ 8 Cut and Glue Activity Pages

  • 2 different versions of each page
  • Version 1: The sentence is shown unscrambled with tracing lines.
  • Version 2: There are no tracing lines. Students do not see the unscrambled sentence. They must use clues to sort the words and build the sentence.

⭐ Teacher Directions and Tips

⭐ Answer Keys


Grade Levels:

1st-2nd Grade students who are working with reading and writing sentences with sight words and vocabulary.


Target Skills:

✔️ Read and write sight words.

✔️ Read and write complete sentences.

✔️ Write sentences using capital letters and end punctuation.


Prep Time:

This is a low-prep activity. You can simply print, cut apart the cards, and go. (Optional) Use cardstock and laminate the cards for durability.



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