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Numbers 1-20 Clip Cards: Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day Numbers 1-20 Clip Card set is a fun and engaging way for students to develop number sense by counting to 20, using ten frames, reading numbers words, and sequencing numbers. Students will practice with 4 different sets of cards, each focusing on a different number sense skill.


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File Type: Downloadable PDF
Total Pages or Slides: 50


This Valentine’s Day Numbers 1-20 clip card set includes 80 Cards:

  • Set 1 – Counting to 20 Clip Cards
  • Set 2 – Ten Frame Clip Cards
  • Set 3 – Number Words Clip Cards
  • Set 4 – Number Sequencing Clip Cards

Each set contains 20 cards in both color and black line (160 total cards).

This is a low prep activity. Simply print and cut apart the cards. Use heavy paper and laminate for durability. Provide students with a set of clips (clothespins, pegs, or even paper clips), and you will be ready to go. You can also use dry erase markers for a write on and wipe activity.

File Contents:

  • 20 Counting to 20 Clip Cards
  • 20 Ten Frame Clip Cards
  • 20 Number Words Clip Cards
  • 20 Number Sequencing Clip Cards
  • All cards come in both color and b/w versions.


  • Counting objects (pictures) 1 to 20
  • Counting with ten frames 1 to 20
  • Reading number words 1 to 20
  • Ordering numbers 1 to 20
Number Clip Cards - ValentineNumbers 1-20 Clip Cards: Valentine’s Day