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Measuring Length: Spring

These spring measuring cards are great for using as a math center activity. You can also place them around the room and have students measure each of the different cards they find.


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File Type: Downloadable PDF
Total Pages or Slides: 30


This Spring Measuring Length Activity is a printable set of 12 picture cards and recording pages that focus on measuring length. A set of non-standard rulers with fun thematic pictures is included. However, the cards are not labeled with any specific units, so you can also use regular rulers with inches or centimeters. As another option, students can measure with snapping cubes, bears, erasers, paperclips, tiles, buttons, or any other type of small manipulative.

A variety of recording sheets are included along with an extension activity for measuring more objects around the classroom. The picture measuring cards come in both color and black lines. Simply print and cut them apart. For durability, print on heavy paper and laminate.

File Contents:

  • 12 Picture Cards in Color
  • 12 Picture Cards in B/W
  • Non-Standard Rulers
  • Recording Sheets and Extension Activity


  • Measuring Length
  • Measuring with a Ruler
  • Measuring with a Non-Standard Ruler
  • Using Various Objects to Measure Length
Measuring Length - Spring CoverMeasuring Length: Spring